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Water Pretreatment

Water treatment solutions for reliable & sustainable operations.

Chemcape offers cutting-edge chemical programs designed to deliver innovative solutions for enhancing water and wastewater quality, ensuring optimal system performance.

Uniting of application experts and sophisticated monitoring and control systems to ensure trouble-free operation of water-based industrial processes

Assessment of raw water quality, process prerequisites, system design, operational parameters, and economic considerations

Effectively managing potentially hazardous pollutants by setting suitable local restrictions and by ensuring industrial compliance with pretreatment regulations.


Premium Chemical Technologies

Our extensive and distinctive expertise in water treatment, coupled with a wide array of products, provides solutions to address water separation related challenges.

01. Chemical Precipitation
02. Flocculation Chemistries
03. Chemical Oxidation / Reduction
04. Coagulation Chemistries
These well implemented programs

will result in:

Minimised Environmental Impact

Meeting Regulatory Effluent Requirements

Improving Treatment Process

Management of Water Resources



Chemcape combines our team of application experts with state-of-the-art monitoring and control systems to guarantee smooth and problem-free operation of water-based industrial processes.

Sludge Conditioners