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Remote Monitoring

Data Management Solutions

Chemcape stands at the forefront of the industry, specialising in performance-based remote monitoring and control systems designed to optimise water treatment programs.

Our approach ensures customised chemical programs that prioritise the precise level of protection you need, all while emphasising a commitment to lower water consumption and minimise chemical costs with our innovative approach.

With just a simple touch, REMSOL Management System offers actionable insights to keep you ahead of the curve, ensuring your system is consistently optimised for peak performance.
It accomplishes this by detecting and evaluating corrosion, scale, and process water quality patterns, in addition to identifying deviations in product usage and alarm rates.

Monitoring your system's chemical levels in real-time offers the potential for automated, instantaneous adjustments to the chemical dosage, ensuring precise maintenance around the clock.
Chemcape's TraceLogix® chemicals feature an integrated fluorescent dye marker, enabling sensors to accurately measure concentrations. When combined with our network enabled REMSOL controller, tracer levels can be continuously observed and fine-tuned to keep them within a tight range of 1% to 2% from the desired concentration.



Smart In line Sensors
Real Time Corrosion Monitoring
Cloud Based Management
Access to Process and Alarms
Process Control
Remote or On site


Chemcape provides a variety of solutions for monitoring, measuring, and controlling processes.

01. Process Water Corrosion Rates
02. Ammonia Detection
03. Condensate Corrosion
04. Water Consumption
05. Biofilm Measurement & Control
06. Cycles of Concentration Optimisation
07. Feed Water Dissolved Oxygen
08. Feed Water Alkalinity
09. Tracelogix Tagged Chemicals
Chemcape Implemented Programs

Remote Access

Data Management

Optimised Treatment

Predictive Maintenance